Author Spotlight – Kane Caldwell

This week’s Author Spotlight is Kane Caldwell!! His new book Blurred Edges is coming soon and, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this one! His Dark Edges was one of the most amazing books I have EVER read!!!

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Here’s a little bit about the book and how it made me feel!! 😉

Dark Edges KaneCaldwell

Dark Edges by Kane Caldwell

My thoughts:

Amazing! HOT! I love a story that plays with my emotions, and this one had me EXPERIENCING them! When the characters were hot, so. was. I! I laughed out loud, teared up and my heart thundered several times. Five stars? No…that doesn’t even cover what I would rate this book! I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going on with the husband, only to say…DANG! Now, THAT was a bit unexpected! LOVED this story so much! I can’t wait to read more stories from Mr. Caldwell!!


I’m not your good ole boy or boy-next-door type of guy.
If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you move on. I curse a lot, work too fucking much, and keep to myself. My edges are hard, rough, and even dark at times.
I never thought I would wind up in the business I’m in. I may not always play by the rules, but I go where the money is, keep my nose clean, and my affairs organized.
Who knew one fucking e-mail would change everything in my controlled life. I swore I’d never touch a case like hers again, but there was something intriguing behind every word I read.
She had my attention, she would have my services, but I never thought she’d steal my heart.
My name is Chase Black, owner of Dark Edges PI.

I’m your good girl and I once had everything.
A big beautiful house with a view of gorgeous mountains, an expensive car, stress-free job, a wardrobe any woman would die for, but one thing was missing…the ever-absent husband.
I never expected to be in the position I’m in, but I needed answers.
I sent one e-mail thinking I would figure it all out. It wasn’t the route I intended to take. The life I’d been living was a lie and he gave me the answers I needed. What happened next I wasn’t prepared for.
He had my information, he took the case, but I never thought he’d capture my heart.
My name is Naomi McAllister, owner of a broken heart.

This is our story…

The Hitman’s Possession BY Tia Lewis

The Hitman’s Possession BY Tia Lewis


I’m a hard, ruthless, and brutal killer… but I’m not letting her go.

I’m the most feared man in South Boston. I’ve earned that title and the nickname “The Animal.” Women may think it’s because I’m wild in bed, and one night with me and they’d f*cking know it.

But there’s a darker reason for my reputation… I think nothing about ending a life. Feelings are a luxury that I can’t afford.

Until her. 

I hear Tess cry for help and I give into the urge to help her. One look at her and I knew I had to risk it all to rescue her. I’m no knight in shining armor; I’m saving her so I can keep the sexy spitfire for myself.

But the mob wants her back. She wasn’t meant to live through that night.

No f*cking way I’m going to let that happen. Tess ignites a fire within me like nothing I’ve ever known. Her legs are meant to be wrapped around me, and only me. I’ll take on the whole Russian mob ―hell, the whole world―to keep the one woman who’s meant to belong to me.

I’ll kill every bastard that tries to take her away. She can try to run, but she’s not getting away from this hitman. She’s my possession now.

The Hitman’s Possession is a full-length dark romance novel that’s intended for mature audiences only. This novel address issues of a serious nature, including violence surrounding the nature of consent that may be a trigger for sensitive readers; contains disturbing situations, graphic language, violence and explicit sexual content. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Cliffhanger warning.

If you don’t like your heroes dark & brooding, and your sex rough & dirty, look away now.

Penalty by Jacob Chance

Penalty by Jacob Chance


He’s the bad boy quarterback of Boston University’s football team. As the son of a former NFL player, he’s showered with attention and praise twenty-four-seven. One flash of his smile and all the girls fall at his feet – or should I say to their knees?
And then there’s me.

Brady Lincoln is the last person I want attention from. He’s the kind of guy my father warned me about. His play on the field is legendary and his play with the ladies, even more so. I’ve managed to stay off his radar until recently.

What happens when the cocky quarterback breaks all the rules to win my heart?

Boss’s Virgin BY Claire Adams

Boss’s Virgin BY Claire Adams


Falling for her mysterious boss is the last thing she wanted to do…

Daisy Conklin is twenty-four and in need of a job. Two years out of college, and she’s dismayed that life so far is nothing even close to what she imagined it would be. When her friend, Jonathan, says he can get her an interview at the company he manages, she jumps at the chance, eager for any opportunity.

Ian Roubideaux, Daisy’s new boss, is a lot more than she bargained for. He’s incredibly good-looking, for starters, and even though Daisy’s a virgin, she can’t help but feel an undeniably strong attraction to him.

Ian’s had a tumultuous past, though, and some of his business dealings are shady, to say the least. Daisy is willing to overlook a lot of things, but when secrets begin to surface, Daisy isn’t so sure who, if anyone, she can trust anymore. ..

Sid Jones: Dissent Is Not Treason BY Kyle Vachon AUTHOR INTERVIEW


Music, sex, violence and blood! Welcome to anarchy! Meet Sid Jones, Kat Vengeance, Tasha Rage and others in a story of redemption and vengeance!

Don’t forget to give a review and let him know how much you love it! 😉



“I don’t want my books to be remembered as great literature. I want them to be remembered as amazing experiences.”

How did you start writing erotica?

I wouldn’t consider my writing “erotica” per say, but I can say I played with the idea of it in my novel, Avenging Roses. So if that counts, 2013 was the year that novel was officially established.

When you sold your first book, how did you celebrate?

I invited a friend over to have some drinks. This was when I was out in California, when I discovered the lulu website, which I no longer use and we were talking about doing a series and me working on some other genres, and that’s when I made the decision to dwell in other realms.

What’s your favorite published work of yours and why?

Currently? I have one book published and it’s by far the best book I’ve written.  Sid Jones: Dissent Is Not Treason was technically a “sequel” that I had worked on for YEARS and I decided to make it a solid stand alone instead. The original Sid Jones book will be released, probably sometime next year.

How do you handle all the screaming fans?

I don’t have “screaming fans” but I do have fans. I would like to take the time, and thank all seven of them! You guys are the best!

What erotic authors do you enjoy reading?

I’ll be honest, I don’t read “erotic novels” and not because I have anything personal against the genre, it’s just not what I’m looking for in a novel.  My goal was to make an attempt at writing one, because I want to be a “well rounded author” and not specialize in any one genre. I’d rather be a jack of all trades, and leave being a master of a genre to the likes of Stephen King and J.K Roweling. I wanted to go my own way.

Have you had any “crazy fan” experiences? If so, what happened?

It’s not a crazy fan experience, but I have this friend that enjoys reading my work and will call me up to tell me how awesome the books are. The crazy part? It would be midnight or even 2am and I’ll wake up to messages and missed calls from them.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The short answer is; everywhere and everyone. I actually have a disclaimer that comes with Dissent Is Not Treason. If I know you, or you’ve done something to me, or someone I know, it’s fair game. The people that impact me both in a positive and negative way are free game. No mercy, no quarter hell, I’ll even use real names. There’s a couple of actual moments that happened to me in the depths of the novel. You just have to figure out for yourself, what’s real and what’s fiction.

Do you have any unusual writing rituals?

I like to write in the morning, and at night. I have to have a Vivarin shout out to them for making amazing caffeine pills! I like to have a cigarette after I get a few pages done, and when I write at night, I like to have a little bit of a buzz. That’s when the truth comes out. Everything is scheduled. When I need to do an action packed scene, it has to be in the morning. At night, is when the dialogue comes into play and a lot of things I’ve repressed, or didn’t feel like should be in the novel, truly vanquishes.

Where’s your favorite place to write?

Not around people, or noise is my preference. Unless, I have a co-writer and we’re writing side by side, which never happens.

What advice would you give to future writers in this genre?

Utilize your gift and vent. Don’t hold back. The best thing to do is write when you can, and when you’re not writing, think about what you’re writing. If You have an idea, make sure you WRITE IT DOWN OR YOU WILL FORGET! I promise you will! If you have an idea for a novel, record it on your phone, write it down on a napkin, scribble it somewhere ANYWHERE! People might think you’re crazy, but trust me THOSE IDEAS YOU GET ARE THE BEST! Also, remember the late Wes Craven’s quote: The first monster you must introduce your audience to, is you.

Who is your favorite character from one of your stories and why?

This will probably be the longest part of this interview. Go get some popcorn, have a smoke, mix a drink, cause you’re gonna need it. Sid Jones is my favorite character, period. When I find myself in a situation that I shouldn’t be in, or my back is against the wall, I think to myself, “What would Sid Jones do?” And I immediately act. No second thoughts. I have done things, most people would wish they hadn’t, and I did it because I knew that if I didn’t I’d regret it later. I don’t emulate idols, I emulate this character. He has been there for me, in not just my writing, but every day life.

True story. I use to work at Planet Fitness, in Okemos, Michigan. My sister’s boyfriend, now fiance, got in my face at work. Mind you, I was only a chapter in my Dissent Is Not Treason novel, at that time. My sister’s worst half is probably 6’2 and he was the fitness trainer. That should give you an idea of what me, my whole 150 pound, standing at a 5’5 measured up to. Instead of backing down, or going for a swing, I asked my self the previous question and I smirked. He grabbed me, left marks on my neck from his nails. We both got fired, and my only regret was that I didn’t break his face on my way out.

Sid went from being a character, to a hero of mine. Someone I look up to, and instead of waiting on a new album, a new interview, or a video to show up someplace, I can just sit and write, or have a conversation with him in my head. He’s the perfect blend of Holden Caulfield, Roger Miret of Agnostic Front, and Negan from The Walking Dead. It’s a special gift to have a character like that and think about when you’re in a situation that makes you nervous, or scared, or even excited. You do what you want, deal with the consequences later, and be better for it. That’s what Sid Jones is all about.

Do your friends and family know what you do, and if so, what was their reaction when they found out?

My mother wasn’t surprised. When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher told her that I was going to be the next Stephen King. My dad was excited, but he wasn’t surprised either. My family knows how crazy I am, and they know how determined I am. I’m the guy that went into the Occupy Movement and was there in Oakland, California for the general strike. I took a random trip from New Hampshire to New York City to go see Public Image LTD. I had no idea where the venue was and I just started walking in a direction. It was the best night of my life, and thanks to my first Sid Jones novel, I did it. So after all the crazy things I did outside of my writing, me doing anything at all, came as no surprise.

After you tell your parents you got a job as an exotic dancer, anything after that won’t really shock them. Trust me.

What was your ideal career when you were a child?

Much like today, I always changed my mind. I was going to be a vet, what kid wasn’t going to be, right? Then, of course a paleontologist. After that, I wanted to be a fuck up. That’s what happens when you’re 13 and you’re going through 13 year old things. I had no aspirations, and no real dreams.

What do you enjoy most about writing erotica?

Again, if we’re talking about Avenging Roses and the erotica scenes, I think it was the fact that I never wrote like that before. I mean, every book has sex scenes, but Avenging Roses felt different to me. I can say I dabbled with it, and learned something. I think that’s a huge benefit to challenging yourself in the art that you master.

How do you get yourself in the mood to write?

Music. I HAVE TO HAVE MUSIC! I need to have a cigarette, have a drink, or caffeine and rock out to music. Music is a huge piece in my Sid Jones novels because I use songs for foreshadowing and insinuation. It’s not just the way song sounds to fit the scene and the “mental cinematography” but it’s to give the reader’s a chance to read between the lines.

What’s the best writing tip you’ve ever been given?

Don’t give up. EVERY single teacher I had, from Ms. Simmons, in second grade, to my high school English teachers, Mr. Bentley and Mr. Beck said those words to me. Matter of fact, it was Mr. Bentley and Mr. Beck that paved my way into wanting to be a writer. When I was a kid, I just liked writing, I never thought of it for a career. Those teachers helped me every step of the way. Shout out to them.

If you get writer’s block when you’re writing, how do you get around it?

You know the meme that gets passed around a lot? Writer’s block is when you’re characters stop talking to you? Well, that’s what I prevent from happening. As long as I have Sid, I have a story. As long as I have people I can’t stand, I won’t run out of things to write about. From the White House to obnoxious YouTubers. The hard part, and the challenge I set up for myself, which puts me in a writer’s block is when I lay out a conflict for my character, and I want to take the audience by surprise. In order to do that, I have to surprise myself. So I have to plan and take breaks, concentrate and be strategic, as if it’s happening to me.

If you could bring one of your characters to life, which one would it be and why?

I DID bring Sid Jones to life. He’s become my alter-ego so to speak. You can interview him if you’d like. I’m sure he’d love to speak with you.

Which author, erotic or otherwise would you love to meet and why?

J.D Salinger. Want another fucked up story? Remember that teacher, Mr. Bentley I told you about? Well, he suggested a book to me just before I went off to college. I was accepted and everything. And then I read Catchet in the Rye. My world changed. No joke, I lived by that book. From dropping out of college, to taking a trip to New York City and moving to New Hampshire. The year I started writing my Sid Jones novel, was the year J.D Salinger died. Where was he when he passed? New Hampshire. That’s where he was hiding out. How’s that for a mind fuck?

What’s your favorite genre within erotica and why?

There are different genres under erotica? No kidding! I honestly, had no idea! Learned something new, and here I thought I was the one that was going to drop knowledge….well played!

What are you working on at the moment?

Well, I have decided to stick with this title, and I was going to announce it a little later, but I’ll give you the EXCLUSIVE! It’s titled Sid Jones: Eaten Alive. The cover art is beautiful. Fun fact: The cover and title was established before the third chapter was even completed. I’d like to thank Brianna Blaney for doing the cover for me! She’s going to have a special thanks in the upcoming novel. Cheers Brianna!

Do you do live book signings? Are you willing to?

I haven’t, but I’d never say no. With the condition that the first place I do live autograph signings is Conway, New Hampshire where Sid currently resides, and the town I’ll always call home. That’s my only condition, other than that I’ll fly out to Russia and sign books there, as long as Conway, New Hampshire is my first stop.

What’s the biggest writing challenge you’ve ever taken on? Did you succeed?

There’s a book that I’ve finished, that’s being looked over titled The Crossovers. It’s a supernatural kind of book, and I really don’t care for the metaphysical stuff. I really don’t, it’s a plot hole filler all around. Anything you do in that realm can be fixed with unrealistic solutions, because it is unrealistic. So the Crossovers was the biggest challenge and I’m proud to say that it’s finished, I succeeded. It should be available sometime next year.

What’s your biggest writing achievement? Why?

Sid Jones. I know, people will probably get sick and tired of hearing about him, but if it wasn’t for that character, this interview wouldn’t be happening. I owe everything to that guy.

Do you have an events schedule we can share?

I have an official release date for my next book. It’s called The Reapers and it’ll be out October 1st. I’ve got a cover that I’ve made, it’s in editing right now. Think the Devil’s Rejects meets Reservoir Dogs. It’s a dark comedy horror and it was the only novel I didn’t use an outline for. I just wrote everything off the top of my head. After the Reapers, we’ll see which book comes out next. It’ll either be The Crossovers, or it’ll be Sid Jones: The High School Years. Honestly, that’s up to the readers though. Your dollar IS your vote. If I sell more copies of The Reapers than I do Dissent Is Not Treason, I’ll have to decide which one gets put out next. I need the Reapers to have an opportunity and for the readers to know that I’m not a master of any genre, but that I can write anything. I think every author has that one character, or that one book that is their pride and joy. It can’t just be me.

So the Reapers October 1st! I’m excited! I hope you’re all excited, and I hope you’ll all enjoy a free download of my novel Avenging Roses! No charge, share it with your friends, and feel free to follow me on Twitter @mtswordfish and like my author’s page www.facebook.com/officalklv/ and if you’re not tired of hearing the name Sid Jones, you can check him out at www.facebook.com/TheRealSidJones

Cocky Model BY Bree Taylor

Cocky Model BY Bree Taylor

MY Thoughts:

Cute, adorable, sweet and fun!! I hope this becomes a series! I loved how the leading lady was an author and the cover model fell fast and HARD! 😉 I love when a story is different from anything else I’ve read and this one definitely is! I would definitely read more from this author!


Bad Boy Model must get on cover

Features Bad Boy Cocky Dominant Alpha Male who lusts after a Strong Independent Woman

Cover model Landon Jackson has only one shot to further his career. And, failure is not an option.
He’ll do whatever it takes, even if that something is a certain author. Determined to connect with Harlow, his plans foil when he meets Tess at the airport on his way to LA.
Bestselling author, Harlow Shields, is attending the Indie Convention in LA. An instant success, she knows this is her one shot to get the producers of Hollywood to make her books into a movie.
A chance meeting. A random connection and all hell breaks loose.
What will happen when truths come to surface? Will Landon give in to his attraction, or will animosity get the best of him?

Bayou Safari BY Crow Gray

Bayou Safari (Axl Dane Volume Two) BY Crow Gray


Axl returns!

When three hot college girls are kidnapped by perverted swamp dwellers in the Louisiana Bayou, it’s up to Axl Dane to bring them back. The backwoods men are looking for new breeding stock, and these nubile young women certainly fit the bill. What depraved acts will the girls be forced to endure before Axl can rescue them?

To complicate matters, a serial killer from Axl’s past has also turned up in Diablo Vista…

Action, adventure and plenty of hot explicit sex in the darkest Crow Gray novel to date! Come join Axl on an erotic Bayou Safari!

Lessons In Love BY Blake Thorne

Lessons In Love and The Ramblings of A Mad Man


This bundle includes two short stories: Lessons in Love and Ramblings of a Mad Man.
Lessons in Love
Matt, Mike, and Tanisha have been friends since childhood. The three friends even went to the same college together. However, Matt has a side that yearns to be set free. After years of sexual tension, Matt’s forced to bring them together or watch their friendship fall apart.
With some rope and a whole lot of imagination, Matt was going to take command of their ship and right it once again. Matt was never one for subtleties so he did the only thing he knew. He tackled the problem like a Dom should.
He introduces his two best friends to a secret world in which he’s hidden from them. The young master takes control of his friends and leads them down a path of pleasure through pain. The three young college kids experience pleasure like never before.
Ramblings of a Mad Man
Juan Carlos can’t understand what’s happening to him. He’s experiencing lost time, acute onset of pain throughout his entire body. The problem’s that Juan Carlos can’t get anyone to listen to him. His psychiatrist told him to write down his experiences, but Juan goes a step further. Take a ride on this exciting train as we find out: is Juan Carlos mad or is it something else?

Bossed BY Sloane Howell

Bossed BY Sloane Howell

My Thoughts:

OMG! Hottest story EVER! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. And, I was (over) eagerly waiting to purchase the actual book on release day! (So, I could re-read OVER AND OVER!) This is the hottest story Sloane has written. It was completely adorable, fun and sexy as hell! I spent as much time panting and sweating, as I did fussing at the characters for their crazy antics. I was putty in his hands through the entire story! Five stars definitely doesn’t do this book justice! I am going to be right here refreshing my screen constantly until Sloane releases ANYTHING else after this one!!


He’s the boss. But she’s ready to take charge.

“Wonderfully witty and fresh, Bossed is a must-read for anyone who loves a sassy, modern heroine and an in-charge alpha hero.”—New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne

Jenny: Job interviews are a bitch under the best of circumstances, but when your potential boss is the world’s biggest prick, that’s when you should simply walk away. It’s just that I need this job so badly—and I’m mesmerized by Ethan Mason’s piercing gaze. Men like him aren’t supposed to exist in real life. But under the tailored suits and GQ looks, Ethan simmers with barely restrained ambition. And no matter how hard I work to fight the attraction, I’m going to get burned.

Ethan: You don’t become a top agent without learning how to close a deal. I always get what—or who—I want, by staying cool and in command. Then Jenny Jackson walks into my office with her lush curves and “screw you” attitude and blows away my intentions of keeping things professional. All I can think about is exploring the perfect body hidden beneath those conservative clothes or shutting her saucy mouth with one hot kiss. Jenny’s worth breaking the rules over—if I can convince her to break the rules for me.

Bossed is sexy. And by that, we mean sexy. Like 18+ sexy. This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Cowboy Games BY Audrey Randall

Cowboy Games BY Audrey Randall

My Thoughts:

O…M….G!!!! This is definitely one smokin’ hot, super sexy, panty melting book! If you love “cowboy” stories…NO…WAIT…if you love super hot stories, THIS is for you! This definitely should be on EVERYONE’S #MUSTREAD list!! Oh, my! Just…WOW!!! I really can’t wait to read ANYTHING from this author! Yeah, I am fan-girling! I would be the one rushing over to her table after she finished drinks with friends, just to see if she scribbled on a napkin! I was fanning my face right away, and didn’t stop even after completing the book! Not one to read in public, but a MUST READ in the bedroom! 😉


Cowboy Games is a STANDALONE HEA! Will Lana save a joystick and ride a cowboy? Let the first chapter lasso you in! Lana “Frack! This can’t be right!” Lana tapped on the GPS screen on her fun little rental car. Pulling to the side of the deserted Montana road, Lana couldn’t help but take a look at the natural beauty outside. It would have seemed more awe-inspiring if she hadn’t felt so lost.

A hundred miles from the nearest hint of civilization recognized by Google Maps was not the place to be lost. Lana’s over active mind began to imagine the animals waiting to eat her, out in the forest or other worse fates that she had seen on the news back home in Berkeley. Pulling out her phone, she noticed that she had no bars. “Frackity frack frack frack! For the love of Zelda!” Opening the car door, she stepped out to see whether she could get any bars at all. A part of her knew that it wouldn’t make any difference, but it didn’t stop her from trying. No more bars appeared, which led Lana to make the conclusion that she would have to trust the GPS. It was that or turn back. And since she knew there was nothing but a run-down gas station fifty miles behind her, she figured that her bladder would rather she try to move forward. She knew that she had been taking a risk traveling out here to meet her longtime online friend, Solar Cowboy. Even now, she couldn’t believe that she had trekked out to the middle of nowhere to meet this person. Who did that? She berated herself for the tenth time in the last hour. Lana had met a lot of people through The Celestial Prophesy, but few she had connected with like Solar Cowboy. Not in the romantic sense, but as a kindred friend. She had never met him before, but, but it really didn’t matter. When she had told him of her and her best friend/ teammate, Steph’s plan to make a camp for underprivileged girls to learn coding and experience life, he had suggested that she consider his Montana ranch. He had played up how the girls could learn to ride horses, lasso, and code all in one week. When Lana had mentioned it to Steph, she had loved the idea. So, here she was in the middle of nowhere to scope out this ranch. “Great idea, Lana. World-class idea to come out to the middle of nowhere to meet a guy you really don’t know. What if he’s an ax murderer?” Looking over her shoulder at the road traveled, her bladder insisted that she move forward toward hopefully, a bathroom. If she didn’t find civilization soon, she’d be squatting for sure. Getting back in the car, she huffed as she resigned herself to trusting the car GPS that she hoped had been upgraded in the last year. “Should have downloaded the directions on your phone before you left, dummy!” She pounded the steering wheel with her palm before she pulled the mustang back onto the desolate highway.

Jesse “What the fuck are you doing, Cody?” Jesse couldn’t help but laugh as he watched his seventeen-year-old brother race around the house throwing things this way and that. “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the cleaning, but why now? What’s your rush?” “She’s coming!” Cody let out almost a boyish squeal as he loaded up his arms with clothes and other random junk that had been lying around. Jesse followed his brother’s mad dash into their bachelor-pad like kitchen. Jesse rarely understood his younger brother. Cody had always been geeky. Preferring to spend time on his computer rather than riding the range with Jesse. Often Jesse felt bad for Cody. He had been born in the wrong place. He would have been much better suited in the Silicon Valley rather than Somewhere Valley, Montana. After the sudden death of their parents when Cody was fourteen, Jesse had hoped that he could find a way to bridge their gap of personalities, but no such luck. “Fuck! She’s almost here and it looks like this?” Cody whined.

If you like smokin’ hot cowboys, then this one is for you! All the sexy cowboy without the cow smell! For 18+.

Smuttily Ever After BY 7 Bloggers who now write

Smuttily Ever After by R.S. Owl,  Marley Valentine,  Mila Grayson, Monique Pearson, Sophia Marie, Kay Su, Sophia Sterling


Seven bloggers have come together to create a hot anthology filled with the best variety of sexy stories.

All proceeds go to Paws With A Cause, a charity which trains and provides service dogs to people who can greatly benefit from assistance and companionship.

The Stories:

The Messy Mind of Monique Pearson

A successful CEO finds her new PA has more to offer than his typing skills. In the office she’s used to being in control, but he has other plans in mind.

Rolling On A River
The Saucy Owl

One all-girl roller hockey team against the boys, in an all-day tournament of hockey and will power. It gets hotter than a girdle after a game when Frankie sees Taylor Rivers roll on by.

Love and War
Beauté De Livres – Beauty of Books

Having a future was never in our plans.
We were at war when we found each other.
But when the demons of your past crash into your present, will love be enough?

Falling Into You
Mila Grayson | KU Book Reviews

Think you can only find used furniture on Craigslist? You can also find second chances. Don’t let that chance encounter escape you.

Obsessed with Romance

When a single mother of twins joins her best friends for “a girls night out” she expects some drinks, laughs and dancing. But someone has other plans for her.

Wildest Dreams
Kay Su | BooksandMe

Three isn’t always a crowd. But trying to find two hot, dominating men happy to share the same girl isn’t ever going to be easy. Will dreams become reality? What are the odds?

Love For Us
Books And Boys Book Blog

Finding love on the internet is always a risky business. Full of catfish and unsolicited pics. But what happens when you find a connection faster and stronger than your wifi?