SLAVE by Kayar Chance



SLAVE by Kayar Chance


When she is sold into sexual slavery by a member of her own family, Kimmy knows, intellectually, that she must do whatever it takes to get back home. But can she really escape when her captor, Master Amadeus, knows precisely how to break her mind while thrilling her body to its innermost core?

My thoughts:

WOW! This story was darker than the other books I have read from this author and it had me squirming in my seat many times. (In more than one way!) I was fascinated by the colors and the equipment that was used, it was totally unexpected. There were many times I was gasping and rushing to see what happened next! The outcome of the story was shocking, and yet completely fitting. As someone that prefers to read stand alone books, this one leaves me both completely satisfied, yet curious about some of the other characters! The writing style is completely amazing and unmatched by any other author I have read to-date! I can’t wait to read what the author comes up with next! Each story is a completely different ride but each one is extremely enthralling!

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