The F#ck It List BY Rae Lynn Blaise


The F#ck It List BY Rae Lynn Blaise

My Thoughts:

Sexy as hell!! The “list” was interesting and even exciting to experience as a reader. I was excited and at times frustrated. The ending was cute and the characters were absolutely adorable!


Today was supposed to be the best day of my life to date.

Instead, it’s the worst.

My long-term boyfriend just dumped me on our anniversary. Worse? He admitted to cheating on me. With seven other girls.

I’m not going to sit around crying over him. I’m going to make up for lost time. I’m going to make a bucket list of steamy adventures—my own personal f*ckit list.

And for starters, there’s my best friend. The one I’ve known all my life, the one it would be most impossible to hook up with. But he’s gorgeous: sexy, tall, built. Everything my ex isn’t. And he’s willing…

Then, I’ll hit my list:

√ The Professor
√ The Stranger
√ The Jock
√ The Celebrity
√ The Boss

What could go wrong?

This is a complete, standalone novel with no cliff hangers and a guaranteed HEA!
WARNING: Super steamy fun with a sweet romance ahead!

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