Lumbersexual BY Leslie McAdam

Lumbersexual LeslieMcAdam

Lumbersexual BY Leslie McAdam

My thoughts:

This was very sweet and flowed naturally. It was a great quick read. I love how the characters played together. Not a lot of drama thankfully. Very sweet and sexy. I love how the feeling grew. There was some immediate connection, but they explored not just one another but their feelings. Wonderful! Will definitely read more from this author!


How do you know whether you can trust someone?

Maggie Washington is used to relying on herself. Growing up in Iowa, her wild curls and parents who dumped her on her grandmother made it so she’s never fit in. Skeptical of other people’s motives, she’s always been the fling or the friend. Looking to define her life after college, she’s thrilled when she scores a choice summer job working in Yosemite National Park restoring habitat.

Court Thompson is a gorgeous (and bearded) forest ranger with a love-em and leave-em reputation. When he shows interest in her, she’s torn. Even though she’s flattered by his attention, she doubts his sincerity—and her ability to get out of the friend-zone.

Will Court be able to coax Maggie into trusting him that he’s for real? Or after the summer of s’mores and skinny dipping, will he let her down like everybody else?

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