F*ck of the Irish by Celia Aaron

Fck Of The Irish Celia Aaron

F*ck of the Irish by Celia Aaron

My thoughts:

This was a fun quick read! I love short stories and this was definitely fun. Hot Irish guy, girl infatuated but can’t think about him because her roommate is “in love”…sparks and fireworks! Loved the ending! I recommend for a great book to keep handy on those days where you don’t have time for a whole novel


Eamon is my crush, the one guy I can’t stop thinking about. His Irish accent, toned body, and sparkling eyes captivated me the second I saw him. But since he slept with my roommate, who claims she still loves him, he’s been off limits. Despite my prohibition on dating him, he has other ideas. Resisting him is the key to keeping my roommate happy, but giving in may bring me more pleasure than I ever imagined.

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