Bayou Safari BY Crow Gray

Bayou Safari (Axl Dane Volume Two) BY Crow Gray


Axl returns!

When three hot college girls are kidnapped by perverted swamp dwellers in the Louisiana Bayou, it’s up to Axl Dane to bring them back. The backwoods men are looking for new breeding stock, and these nubile young women certainly fit the bill. What depraved acts will the girls be forced to endure before Axl can rescue them?

To complicate matters, a serial killer from Axl’s past has also turned up in Diablo Vista…

Action, adventure and plenty of hot explicit sex in the darkest Crow Gray novel to date! Come join Axl on an erotic Bayou Safari!

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On The Hunt BY Crow Gray


On The Hunt (The Tantric Shaman Volume 2) BY Crow Gray


Damian, The Tantric Shaman, returns for the long awaited confrontation with the female shaman, Vanessa. Damian won’t be facing her alone, however. Unwilling to put his fellow shifters in danger, he instead calls in a favor from some friends of the vampiric variety.

Damian will still need the power he can receive only from sex, but his dark side continues to lead him down kinkier paths.And unlike Damian, Vanessa has already totally succumbed to a life of debauchery.

Come along for a ride of hot action and even hotter sex as we enter the next chapter of The Tantric Shaman.

As always, the action is eXXXplicit.

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