Lessons In Love BY Blake Thorne

Lessons In Love and The Ramblings of A Mad Man


This bundle includes two short stories: Lessons in Love and Ramblings of a Mad Man.
Lessons in Love
Matt, Mike, and Tanisha have been friends since childhood. The three friends even went to the same college together. However, Matt has a side that yearns to be set free. After years of sexual tension, Matt’s forced to bring them together or watch their friendship fall apart.
With some rope and a whole lot of imagination, Matt was going to take command of their ship and right it once again. Matt was never one for subtleties so he did the only thing he knew. He tackled the problem like a Dom should.
He introduces his two best friends to a secret world in which he’s hidden from them. The young master takes control of his friends and leads them down a path of pleasure through pain. The three young college kids experience pleasure like never before.
Ramblings of a Mad Man
Juan Carlos can’t understand what’s happening to him. He’s experiencing lost time, acute onset of pain throughout his entire body. The problem’s that Juan Carlos can’t get anyone to listen to him. His psychiatrist told him to write down his experiences, but Juan goes a step further. Take a ride on this exciting train as we find out: is Juan Carlos mad or is it something else?

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