Screwed BY Luke Prescott

Screwed by Luke Prescott

My thoughts:

HOT!!! So hot!! Smokin’ hot!! Come on, sexy step brother…equals super steamy passion!! Dirty and HOT! (I know I said hot A LOT, but DAMN!! IT’S SEXY HOT!!) 😉 Screwed is a fun quick read and I really hope there is more to come!

Everyone’s been screwed before. Whether you were screwed over or screwed in bed. Sometimes it feels amazing and sometimes it makes you want to die.

Shawn Tate is a powerful man. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s not afraid to take it. He’s cocky, arrogant and cold. Relationships of any kind aren’t for him. He doesn’t want your friendship or your love, he only wants your fantasy.

Jana Ray is a beautiful woman. She’s outgoing, fun and has a huge heart. She has friends, family and a job she loves. But her life is boring and routine. A little excitement is exactly what she’s looking for.

While watching her parent’s house while they are gone, Jana is thrilled to have the time to herself. That is until Shawn, her step-brother, shows up flipping her world upside down.

He moved back to town for business and having some fun. Meeting his step-sister wasn’t what he expected, but the temptation is too much to resist.

Fantasies will be played, hearts will get involved, lines will be crossed and lives will be destroyed. Being screwed can be fun, dirty, and downright amazing. But sometimes it can also be messy, painful, and heartbreaking.

For Shawn and Jana, they’ll figure out just how screwed they really are.

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Jerked BY B. B. Hamel


Jerked BY B. B. Hamel


My future stepbrother. My personal bodyguard.

Colin Blake is a mob a**hole. He’s rude, crude, and loves a good fight. He’s arrogant, self-assured, and won’t hesitate to take what he wants.

And we’re stuck in the same house. All because my psycho ex-boyfriend is chasing me down and won’t stop until he steals me back.

Worst of all, my stepbrother bodyguard treats me like a prisoner, and I’m supposed to act like I’m not staring when he walks around in just a towel. The truth is, I hate him for jerking me around when were younger, but I still want to taste his lips whenever we talk.

I can’t stand it.

I hate that I need his help. I hate that I want his body.

Even with the mob ready to go to war, all I can think about is his cocky grin driving me insane.

Jerked contains mature content (explicit sexual situations, violence, and mature language), and is recommended for audiences 18+.

Jerked is a standalone, full-length novel. No cliffhanger.

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Step-Sister Shifter BY Kayar Chance

Stepsister Shifter KayarChance2

Step-Sister Shifter BY Kayar Chance

My Thoughts:

Sexy, fun and kinky!! This book was adorable, sweet, funny, sexy, and kinky!! That ending had me laughing so hard!! OMG!! This book was so fun and the characters were so adorable together! The witch…she was something else…I think I’m in love! I really love how the author’s books don’t end with cliffhangers….but, I want this story to continue…for many, many books! It’s rare that you find so many great qualities put into one story…this one covers all the bases! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!


Okay, listen up, because the past few days have been kinda freaky and they’re only getting more so. My step-brother Lucas and I are on the run, and there’s a lot to deal with. There’s morning sex, naturally. A sniper. First-time anal. A punk rock witch with possibly the most recognizable name in the world. And oh yeah, there’s a centuries-old army on the way to kill me, just because I’m a newborn shifter myself.

Hello. My name is Hana. Welcome to a brief glimpse into my life.

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Step-Brother Shifter BY Kayar Chance

Stepbrother Shifter KayarChance2

Step-Brother Shifter BY Kayar Chance

My thoughts:

This book is AHH-MA-ZING!!! I do love the occasional werewolf story! Come on, who doesn’t love a little BEAST story! This one was HOT! When his inner beast came out to “play”, there were so many different visuals going on in my head and this author didn’t disappoint! The images I had couldn’t compare to the animal that he was! HOT! SO, SO HOT! I also love how the story is complete but continues on! I do love a good series, however, I am always disappointed with a cliff-hanger! THANK GOD the author knows to not leave me hanging…WANTING MORE…HELL YEAH…but, not left mad! I was left extremely “satisfied” but, wanting more!!


Sometimes the best protection comes in the form of a predator.

When her stepbrother saves her from a would-be attacker, Hana is ecstatic that the one person she could trust from her childhood is back in her life. Lucas is strong—and boy is he sexier than ever—but he’s changed over the past year. Why do his eyes glow red? Why is it so hard for him to control his urges? And why is he suddenly so possessive of her?

Lucas has been training for months in controlling his lycan side, and now he just can’t wait any longer—he will return to Hana, he will make her his…and he will do everything it takes to lead her during her own mysterious shifting metamorphosis.

For there are monsters coming, and their target is the one young woman he needs more than life itself.

But how can he protect her, claim her, and love her when the most dangerous monster of all is coursing its way through his hot lycan heart? The beast within drives him, pushes him to take, to devour, to mark and possess. Can he claim his own family as a mate? Or is he simply too far gone into being a predator, viewing her as the most succulent of prey?

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Stepbrother Untouchable – Colleen Masters

stepbrother untouchable

Step Brother Untouchable by Colleen Masters

OKAY!!! I HAVE to admit…I bought this because of the cover because….WELL, LOOK at it! 😉 Yeah, I REALLY loved it! Sexy arrogant jerk stepbrother, did I mention he was sexy? Yeah, this was all around a great story! Compelling, easy to follow, very solid story that captivates until the end!

Synopsis: Calling Nate Thornhill a rich, cocky, arrogant asshole would be an understatement.

He also happens to be stunningly handsome, popular, intelligent, and captain of both the Crew and Lacrosse teams at UVA. I hate him for thinking he’s untouchable—not because he’s a narcissistic, privileged, borderline-misogynistic heartbreaker—but because he’s right.

His first words to me were at a Crew House party, and he literally invited me to have a threesome with him and a random girl. I could’ve died from the embarrassment, he didn’t even know my name at the time, and he didn’t care to. After that night, I promised myself to never waste another second thinking about Nate Thornhilll.

My world becomes a nightmare when I realize my mom’s new husband Pierce has a son who’s my age…and he’s a junior at UVA too. I can’t believe my eyes when Nate walks over and sits down next to us at dinner, introducing himself like he’s never seen me before in his life.

Then I feel his hand on my thigh, underneath the tablecloth with our parents sitting across from us, inching closer and closer to my panties. My mind goes fuzzy, my heart starts racing, and my body does exactly what I don’t want it to do.

And then they hit me with the worst news of all…

Pierce has an internship lined up for me at his firm, and we’re going to live at his Eastern Shore mansion for the summer.

I’ll be sleeping down the hall from my new stepbrother…arguing with him at every breakfast, sitting across from him at every dinner, watching as he brings an endless string of girls back to his room…secretly wishing I was one of them.

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Arrogant Bastard by Winter Renshaw

Arrogant Bastard WinterRenshaw

Arrogant Bastard by Winter Renshaw

***$0.99 for a LIMITED time! Regular price will be $2.99***

My thoughts: WOW!!! This one had several “taboo” subjects that took me a moment to process. This book was sexy hot. I didn’t know if I liked Jensen or hated him in the beginning. The more I read the more I fell in love with both Jensen and Waverly, their situations made me sad at times but, were vital to the story. I’m all about the HEA and the step brother thing is always interesting. I don’t feel that is so taboo when the “steps” don’t know each other and are thrust into a new family. I highly recommend this book. But, then again…how can anyone go wrong reading anything from Winter Renshaw!?! 

Synopsis: The last time my father beat me to a bloody pulp was the night he walked in on me banging my step-mother in his bed.

To be fair, she seduced me. And to be honest, I liked it. But to CPS, I was a victim.

They shipped me to Utah where my estranged mother lived with her husband and two sister-wives. And that’s when I met her. My innocent, wholesome, perfect step-sister. Well, one of many. But Waverly stood out because just like me, we’d been fighting a losing battle our entire lives.

Falling for her was a mistake, but shit, it’s not like I ever made good decisions.

Fuck being “family.” I must have Waverly Miller, and I won’t stop until she’s mine.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a full-length, standalone, HEA romance. Contains forbidden themes as well as religious undertones not meant to offend. Please be 18+.

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