Hard for My Best Friend’s Sister by Ava Jackson

Hard for my best friends sister AvaJackson

Hard for My Best Friend’s Sister by Ava Jackson

Synopsis: The last time I saw her, she was asleep—and I’d just taken her virginity.

She was my best friend’s little sister. I’d broken the guy code, and the guilt had me running before she woke.

Ten years later, she’s a corporate bad ass negotiating across the table from me—and hotter than ever. I want my second chance, but she’s all grown up and isn’t about to hand it to me.

This time, I’ve got a whole different game plan in mind.

* * *

The last time I saw him, he was balls deep inside me—and I’d just lost my virginity. When I woke up he was gone.

Ten years hasn’t erased the sting of rejection. And now he wants his second chance?

I swore I’d say no … but then he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: when we’re working, we’re strangers, but at night? He’ll make my every dirty fantasy come true.

This time, I’m not going to be the one left wanting more.

Standalone steamy, erotic romance.

This was hot, sexy, sweet! Overall, it was amazing! I love these types of stories with the brother or sister’s friend…and, this one was a little different. I really enjoy Dylan’s character was so strong and Cameron was charming! Loved it!!

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Half Life Series by Amber Lin and Shari Slade


Half Life Series_edited

HALF LIFE Series by Amber Lin and Shari Slade



Uh, WOW! I was totally shocked by how this series started but, quickly fell in love with the characters. Amber Lin and Shari Slade had me so interested in Hailey, Lock and Krist that I sometimes had to look away because I felt like I was being a voyeur. The story kept me engaged and wanting more. Hailey had me at “sweet school teacher” while I was drooling over Lock. But, when Krist and Madeline hooked up, it just took everything to a whole new level. Definitely best when read back to back.

Hailey and Lock were sweet and sexy and passionate. They oozed chemistry! Krist and Maddy pushed each other and were the perfect fit. (In every way imaginable.) One minute, I felt connected to Hailey the next moment I didn’t know if I was more jealous of her or Maddy! I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed reading them!

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Riding Dirty (Ruiners Motorcycle Club) BY Abriella Blake

Riding Dirty RuinersMC1 AbriellaBlake
Riding Dirty (Ruiners Motorcycle Club) by Abriella Blake
She’ll risk everything for love…but can she tame his wild heart?
Good girl Rowan Thomas is smart, determined–and about to take a walk on the wild side. Her little sister, Lacy, desperately needs a liver transplant. Without one, she has less than a year to live. So Rowan drops out of college, risking her scholarship and her ticket out of her destructive past, to head for Las Vegas…where she’ll do anything to get enough money for a black-market operation.
And then, she meets him.
Bronson Ramsey. MMA fighter, bad ass outlaw biker, and womanizer extraordinaire. Bronson has his own financial problems–every cent he makes on his brutal, high-profile fights is going to pay off a vicious cartel that’s at war with the biker club he calls family. He has no time for relationships, even if he wanted one. But something in Rowan calls out to his battered soul.
When Bronson “wins” Rowan in a card game, she responds by trying to rob him–ineffectively, since her smarts are all books and no street. Bronson discovers that she’s a virgin and makes a daring proposition: she works a high-end escort scam with him and the club, and they’ll split the profits. No one will touch her. But at the end, she’ll reward him with her virginity.
What Bronson doesn’t need is a relationship, and least of all love. He’s convinced it’s only for the money and sex.
Rowan agrees, for Lacy’s sake. And once it’s over, she promises herself that she’ll find a way to escape Bronson and his lawless MC–but she’s already starting to fall for him hard. Can she save a man from himself…one who doesn’t want to be saved?
This Contemporary Biker Romance Novel contains graphic sexual content and
violence. It is intended for mature readers. Full-length no Cliff-hanger
Ooooh, that just gets you doesn’t it? It’s really interesting in so many ways! Not your typical MC story, or MMA story, or even virgin story! Definitely different and worth every breath held! 😉
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Teacher’s Pet by Avery Phillips

Teachers Pet Series AveryPhillips

Teacher’s Pet by Avery Phillips (Complete Series)

Thoughts: Okay…this was a WILD RIDE!! If you like twist after twist after WTF just happened there…THIS IS IT! Lyn, Simon and Dane each had me mad, jealous and saying, “Wow”…time and time again! If you’re looking for a good roller coaster…I leave you with…


Lesson #1 Life Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans

Lynora Minnelli must remain focused and graduate, but that’s not easy when Simon Foster, the hot new Professor, is so irresistible. Keeping her head in a book grows more and more unlikely as long as Simon’s around. There’s no denying she’s attracted to him, but when he becomes equally smitten with her, not studying will be the least of Lynora’s problems. If their affair is discovered, it will be a hard lesson for both of them to learn.

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The Devil Made Me Do It by Alysha Ellis

The Devil Made Me Do It AlyshaEllis

The Devil Made Me Do It by Alysha Ellis

When Jess meets the Devil, and he offers to give her the sexual experience of a lifetime, she can’t think of a single reason to resist temptation. Good girls might be good, but bad girls have all the fun.

The Devil promises to make her burn in Hell…and love every minute of it. Jess goes on a journey to explore the limits of her sensuality. No matter how far it takes her she has a ready-made excuse—the Devil made her do it!

I REALLY liked this one! It was unique! The devil as a hot, sexy GOOD GUY? Yeah, I was into this one all the way! The attraction was instantaneous but the fireworks were amazing!

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