Bayou Safari BY Crow Gray

Bayou Safari (Axl Dane Volume Two) BY Crow Gray


Axl returns!

When three hot college girls are kidnapped by perverted swamp dwellers in the Louisiana Bayou, it’s up to Axl Dane to bring them back. The backwoods men are looking for new breeding stock, and these nubile young women certainly fit the bill. What depraved acts will the girls be forced to endure before Axl can rescue them?

To complicate matters, a serial killer from Axl’s past has also turned up in Diablo Vista…

Action, adventure and plenty of hot explicit sex in the darkest Crow Gray novel to date! Come join Axl on an erotic Bayou Safari!

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Outlaw King BY Jaxson Kidman


Outlaw King by Jaxson Kidman

My thoughts:

I loved this story! This is the first story that I read from this author and I am glad I did! The characters were sweet and hot! I can’t wait to pick up another book and see what the author has in store for the rest of the club!
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DELVE by Jacob Chance


I am SO excited for this!!

Look what’s LIVE NOW!!!!

DELVE by Jacob Chance

My thoughts:

This is one insanely hot bad boy! I have to admit this one went immediately to the top of my OMG this is the best ever list!! I LOVE Derek so much! This is a must read for sure!! Dear lord this was HOT!!! Super sexy from the get-go! I was immediately sucked into this story and couldn’t get enough! The suspense was amazing and the sex was steamy! This story has made all my other book boyfriends take a back seat to Derek! I would love to share Derek with other readers just long enough so they can see how hot this book is, but I WANT HIM BACK! This story was PERFECT!! I can’t wait to read what this author comes out with next!


He was my brother’s best friend.
He was seven years older than me.
He was a pig when it came to casual sex; indulging in one night stands like they were going out of style.
So why did I want to tear his clothes off every time we got within five feet of each other?

She was only eighteen years old when we met for the first time.
She was a good girl who avoided bad boys like me, but that didn’t stop me from picturing all the things I wanted to do to her–to do with her. She was too young though and my best friend’s baby sister. I couldn’t let things go where I wanted. I couldn’t corrupt her–taint her with my darkness. I knew it could never happen. It would never happen…
But it did.

This book is a standalone with crossover characters from QUAKE and QUIVER (QUAKE Book 2)

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Billionaire Takes All BY Jackson Kane

Billionaire Takes All JacksonKane

Billionaire Takes All BY Jackson Kane


I just lost my half of five billion dollars.

Five. Billion. F*#king dollars.

The voicemail still chimed in my skull: “Your father is dying. The inheritance is no longer yours or your brother’s. If you want that money, you’re going to have to play by some… unconventional rules.”

Rules? Screw that. I didn’t get this far by following anyone’s rules.
But I did know one thing. If this was a competition between my brother and I for the entire King Family fortune…

I was going to win.

That’s probably exactly what my brother was saying right now, too. He and I hate each other, we have for years. We know hate, and we know what it means to compete.

What we didn’t know was how messed up these “rules” would be. You see, to get our inheritance, we’ve got to do something drastic.

Knock someone up.

That’s right. If I want my money, I’ve got to get a girl pregnant. One thing’s for sure, my sleepy town of Caldwell Hope is in for a rude awakening.
Lock up your wives, your girlfriends, your daughters–everyone is fair game when it comes to winning this damn contest.

The King brothers are coming home.
All hell’s about to break loose.

Author’s Note:
I’m a real life bad boy author, and this is my debut novel. Billionaire Takes All is written from the perspectives of the two King Family brothers. This is their journey to screw the other one over, find love, and eventually father a child.

This full-length standalone novel is filled with sabotage, long lost love, second chances, and enough steamy to fog up your tablet.

Get ready for some romance that’ll make you sweat.

Author Bio:

Jackson Kane is a Bad Boy an adventurer, a romance author and above all else hopeless romantic. He writes toe-curling, sweat-running-between-your-shoulder-blades, need-to-take-a-minute romance books.

Come with him and read dangerously.

His name’s Jackson Kane and he write Romance that’ll make you sweat.

Genres: The romance he write revolves around Bad Boys, Billionaires and Bikers. And the women they would rock the world for.

-Facebook author page

-Website link


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Moto BY M.Never

Moto MNever

Moto BY M.Never

My thoughts:

WOW!! Talk about a WILD RIDE!! SO HOT!!!! I was twisting and turning faster than the races! My emotions were all over the place, my heart rate was through the roof! I couldn’t breathe! I was upset when it was over! I wanted MORE! I can’t wait to read more from this author!! LOVED IT SO MUCH!!


What’s harder than resisting one Dane man? Resisting two.

I don’t date bikers. It’s my one cardinal rule. No rough, rugged, tattooed egotistical maniacs on two wheels. Even if they are gorgeous, brilliant, and sport the prefix Doctor. Bottom line, bikers are nothing but trouble.


Dr. Devlin Dane has had his sights set on my panties for months. But I’ve done a stellar job of fending him off. As Mercy Medical’s most eligible bachelor, he has no problem in the panty dropping department. He’s tall, dark, and inked all over. I get the appeal, I’m not dead. I’m not stupid either. He’s a walking heartbreak waiting to happen.
But when Reese Dane comes crashing into my life – literally- the game suddenly changes.
Reese, the dark, brooding, motorcycle racing champion, knows exactly how to apply the right pressure on and off the track.

The two have an unstoppable pull like centrifugal force, and both bad boy bikers are determined to take me on a high-powered ride I’ll never forget…

*MOTO is an unconventional (ménage) standalone novel. Spare panties and a box of tissues may be required.

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Riding Dirty (Ruiners Motorcycle Club) BY Abriella Blake

Riding Dirty RuinersMC1 AbriellaBlake
Riding Dirty (Ruiners Motorcycle Club) by Abriella Blake
She’ll risk everything for love…but can she tame his wild heart?
Good girl Rowan Thomas is smart, determined–and about to take a walk on the wild side. Her little sister, Lacy, desperately needs a liver transplant. Without one, she has less than a year to live. So Rowan drops out of college, risking her scholarship and her ticket out of her destructive past, to head for Las Vegas…where she’ll do anything to get enough money for a black-market operation.
And then, she meets him.
Bronson Ramsey. MMA fighter, bad ass outlaw biker, and womanizer extraordinaire. Bronson has his own financial problems–every cent he makes on his brutal, high-profile fights is going to pay off a vicious cartel that’s at war with the biker club he calls family. He has no time for relationships, even if he wanted one. But something in Rowan calls out to his battered soul.
When Bronson “wins” Rowan in a card game, she responds by trying to rob him–ineffectively, since her smarts are all books and no street. Bronson discovers that she’s a virgin and makes a daring proposition: she works a high-end escort scam with him and the club, and they’ll split the profits. No one will touch her. But at the end, she’ll reward him with her virginity.
What Bronson doesn’t need is a relationship, and least of all love. He’s convinced it’s only for the money and sex.
Rowan agrees, for Lacy’s sake. And once it’s over, she promises herself that she’ll find a way to escape Bronson and his lawless MC–but she’s already starting to fall for him hard. Can she save a man from himself…one who doesn’t want to be saved?
This Contemporary Biker Romance Novel contains graphic sexual content and
violence. It is intended for mature readers. Full-length no Cliff-hanger
Ooooh, that just gets you doesn’t it? It’s really interesting in so many ways! Not your typical MC story, or MMA story, or even virgin story! Definitely different and worth every breath held! 😉
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