About me

What can I say about me? Well……..I LOVE to read! I love reading hot, sexy stories and want to share my experiences with you. I realized that I read so many books, post so many reviews, and I love to share my support of hot new authors as well as teasers supporting many upcoming books on so many different sites .  So, I decided to put them all together here. I want to share my love of my sexy book boyfriends with others that enjoy them as much as I do! I really hope you enjoy my reviews (I will try to limit the spoilers! 😉 ) of the books I have read and truly enjoyed myself.

I am currently living just outside of Dallas, Texas with the best family EVER!! I am happily married to a very sexy man, that may not understand my love of reading erotica but he is VERY supportive of my obsession. (As long as mama is happy, everyone is happy!) 😉 I have a beautiful little girl that keeps me young and makes me so very happy. If it weren’t for her, who knows where we would be. All I can truly say about me is I am wonderfully blessed!